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Kettle Lake study

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Kettle Lake Study
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Researchers at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF) are conducting research on some of the kettle lakes (Song Lake, Crooked Lake, Tully Lake, Little York Lake, and Gatehouse Pond) located in central New York.  Specifically, the study is investigating the impacts of boat traffic and development on the success of non-native species establishment.  The kettle lakes associated with the Cortland-Onondaga Federation of Kettle Lakes Association (and Gatehouse Pond) are an ideal system to examine these processes due to a gradient in boating access (public vs. private) and a range in the number of households surrounding each lake. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


TUESDAY,  APRIL 17TH, 2012   7:00 PM


Tully United Community Church
~Fellowship Hall~
5872 Meetinghouse Rd.
Tully, NY

Guest Speaker: Dr. Gregory Boyer is Chair of the Environmental Chemistry Department at SUNY- ESF and Director of the Great Lakes Research Consortium. He is an expert in algal toxins and has been around the globe researching, monitoring and analyzing algae blooms from Lake Champlain to Lake Taihu in China. His lab is one of the primary labs in the region for measuring freshwater algal toxins.

Join us at 6:00 PM to share refreshments with Dr. Kimberly Schulz and several SUNY-ESF Limnology students to view and discuss their work on our lakes.

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We will hold our regular meeting after the presentation. Feel free to stay and find out more about C-OFOKLA.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our thanks to Dr. Kim Schulz from ESF and also to Andrew Brainard who spent time this last summer exploring Crooked Lake for a variety of environmental markers.  They also made a presentation to the Crooked Lake Homeowners explaining the meaning of the latest CSLAP report.  Our thanks also to Seth Aldrich and volunteers for spending the time each year collecting water samples for submission for testing.  Here are the slides from Dr. Schulz's presentation:

Crooked Lake 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

State of the Lake 2010

We've gotten the results of the 2010 Lake Testing. Please take a moment to check this out. It appears that there are some concerns regarding increased "productivity-higher nutrient and algae levels, and lower water clarity. The report is dense and the board is going to get help in interpreting this data.  It is important that we continue to test and see if this is an anomaly or a trend.

7 minutes from beak to butt

Why do geese like your lawn?  This year the buzz is on naturlizing your shore line.  One of the benefits is that doing so discourages visits from:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Song Lake Might hold rare fish

From the Cortland Standard February 26, 2011:

·Song Lake might hold rare fish
ESF students snap pics of possible chubsucker, a threatened species that has not been caught in decades 


It appears a threat­ened species of fish might still be alive in Song Lake.
The lake chubsucker, a chubby, medium-sized fish that according to the state Department of Envi­ronmental Conservation has not been caught in New York waters in 60 years, is thought to have been found in one of the trap lines last fall meant to research fish populations. Pictures were taken by students from SUNY College of Environ­mental Science and Forestry, but no conclusive evidence confirmed the rare fish actually existing in the lake positioned between Pre­ble and Tully.
The Cortland-Onondaga· Federation  of Kettle Lake Associations is hoping to preserve the lakes so fish like tile lake chubsucker can continue to survive. The nonprofit organization formed in 2008 with representa­tives from the Song Lake Property Owners' Association, Crooked Lake Homeowners' Association, Little York Lake Improvement So­ciety and the Tully Lake Property Owners' Association.
"I'm excited to see if we have it," Tarki Heath said, tempering her optimism with the thought that the fish found could be just a subspecies.
More trap lines will likely be set this year in an attempt to catch a similar fish and a DNA test would be done to confirm its identity.
Heath, the federation's presi­dent, said each lake association has agreed to pool its resources, because although each is differ­ent, they all face many similar problems. We need to protect the resourc­es that need protecting," Heath said,
The mission of the organization is to protect the lakes' resourc­es, while educating and raising awareness.
A kettle lake is defined as a lake formed by melting chunks of ice that fell . off glaciers while they were retreating during the last gla­cial period in North America.
Marjorie Grillo, a representative from the Song Lake Property Owners' Association, said the group was not formed because the lakes were in poor condition.
The lakes are not in terrible condition, Grillo said, adding that  she would like to see the situation either kept that way or improved.
Karen Lang, the federation's  vice president, pointed out that although there are no real controver­sies as of yet, it would be helpful to have more voices if something comes up with one of the lakes.
Last June, members of various kettle lakes associations worked together to convince the Preble Town Board to enact a keyholing ordinance - limiting the amount of shoreline access per household.The ordinance helped curb the negative impacts on Song Lake, Heath said.
The group has two interns work­ing for them from SUNY ESl~ with one investigating invasive species and the other looking into the various environmental factors, such as boats or algae that have an impact on the lakes.
A couple of members of the group held a workshop session to look at .their outreach measures Wednesday, in hopes of increasing awareness and increasing turnout at their regular meetings,
A part of the group's goal is to educate the public about the lakes, and the organization has had many different guest speakers with ex­pertise in different areas pertain­ing to the kettle lakes. •
The next meeting is March 28 at the town hall in Tully. Dan Segal, a plant nursery owner from Ithaca, will be the guest speaker, and will present information about plants that are native to the area.
More information about the group can be found on its website

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Learning about Gas Leasing

Cortland SWCD - Home Page:
New York Gas Development Update & Leasing Considerations (2/28/2011, Grange Auditorium, Free and Open to Public)
An educational seminar on natural gas exploration is scheduled for Monday February 28th, from 7pm to 9pm at the New York State Grange Headquarters in Cortland, NY. The seminar will focus on future leasing considerations, how to ensure an expired lease is released by gas companies along with an update on gas development in NY.
As policy makers and stakeholders continue to debate the risks and benefits of natural gas development in New York, the outlook is still unclear. Much of upstate New York contains significant natural gas reserves that will continue to attract the gas industry. Therefore, rural landowners will still be faced with complicated decisions regarding drilling and related activities such as pipelines, compressor stations, water storage and access roads.
Brett Chedzoy, an expert from Cornell Cooperative Extension will be providing an update on the current status of gas development in NY and highlight key leasing recommendations for landowners. Joe Heath, Esq. will be on hand explaining the process of getting an expired lease released by a gas company. He will also share some of the tactics gas companies are using to attempt to extend existing leases, some of which are preventable. The seminar will also take a glimpse at our neighbors in Pennsylvania, painting a picture of what our landscape may look like when exploration activities commence in NY.
This seminar is sponsored by the Cortland County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and is free and open to the public. If you have any questions about the seminar or any of the services or programs provided by the SWCD please call 607-756-5991