Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fishing on the lake

This is a reminder asking all to “fish wisely.” More than one neighbor has seen people on the lake (pulling bass out). It is not yet bass season. By state regulation bass fishing must be catch and release until the third Saturday in June. Allowing fish to be pulled prior to that date ruins the fishing for the rest of us.

Remember that this lake is for all Crooked Lake homeowners. If you are allowing guests on the lake, please remind them that they are also expected to fish wisely and follow state regulations. It would be best if they could use your own craft. Please tell them that if they bring any water craft onto the lake, it needs to have been cleaned and dry before being put in our water. Boats constitute a major source of propagation of invasive weeds into the lake.

Let’s work together to self regulate and avoid involvement by the DEC or other authorities.

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